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This page has been designed by the team of ShadowMods, looking to keep alive the classic of the saga of Halo, being its first appearances the customizable version of this on PC, over time the game has received improvements from the community, is still alive and there are people who seek to improve their experience by bringing changes and arrangements to enjoy a great game like this.

Halo CE Workshop aims to allow developers to share their content with the community in an easy and simple way.

Staff members

Administrator / Developer:

Moderators / Testers:

User accounts

The account system of HCE Workshop is in an experimental state, it is expected that over time it will evolve bringing new features and improving.

At the moment, there is no requirement to create an account, however it depends on the criteria of the staff members if your account is approved or blocked. Once it is approved you can start sending the data of your project to be published. In case your account is blocked, you can contact a member of staff to find out the reason.

Community projects

Actualy the procedure to publish your projects is to send the data of your project to be reviewed, translated and finally published by the administrator. In the future this procedure will be automated, which will make publishing projects faster and easier.

Issue solution

If you have any problems you can contact us through our Discord server to try to solve your problem.


Development status

This version of HCE Workshop is still in a BETA state, so it is subject to changes and possible errors. It is contemplated that the final version 2.0.0 will be finished and published a few weeks after the current BETA version is published.

  • Changelog

    v2.0.0 β (10/03/2019)

    • - An account system has been implemented.
    • - Now anyone with an approved account can publish their project.
    • - Correction of errors and minor improvements.


    • - Now the sections of the projects work based on JSON files.


    • - The page has been restructured internally.
    • - The update dialog has been removed.
    • - Now every language on the page has its own route.


    • - The News section became the Registry of changes.
    • - "Swiper" (Framework to create Sliders) was implemented.
    • - Added news slider on the main page.
    • - Added slider for warnings.
    • - The effects on the buttons have been restored.
    • - The main font (typeface) of the page was restored.
    • - The custom context menu was removed.
    • - Improved experience on mobile devices / small screens.
    • - Correction of errors, improvements and minor changes.


    • - Fix of minor errors.
    • - Now hosted on ShadowMods.net


    • - The whole page was made from scratch, better organized internally.
    • - Based on the most recent version of Materialize.
    • - The experience on mobile devices was improved. No.
    • - The sections of some projects were reorganized.