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Halo CE Launcher

Halo Launcher is an external launcher for Halo Custom Edition, which seeks to facilitate the activation and deactivation of game modifications, such as (Halo Anticheat 2, Chimera, OpenSauce, etc), manage the game execution arguments (Window mode, Activate console, screenshots, etc.), in addition to allowing the user to customize the appearance of the launcher to obtain a unique and own style, the launcher is designed to meet all the needs that may arise before running the game, finally it is completely open to translations by users, by default English and Spanish are included, adding a language is as easy as creating a text document.



file_download HCE Launcher Alpha #6


  • Halo CE Launcher

    Alpha #6

    • - News system updated to match with the Halo CE Workshop news system.

    Alpha #5

    • - The entire CIU configuration was rebuilt.
    • - The errors were fixed when obtaining the CIU routes (Now it is obtained through the windows registry).
    • - The connection with the Workshop was restored.
    • - The news system was improved (Now it has description, title and link for more information).

    Alpha #4

    • - Added button to configure the mods.
    • - Support for CIU v2.1 (Secure mode box).
    • - Fixed some badly worded dialogues.

    Alpha #3

    • - Fixed errors when connecting to Halo CE Workshop with direct execution.
    • - Support for CIU v2.0. (Double click on it in the Mods section).
    • - Fixed problems with the issues.
    • - Updated mods database. (HaloChatv2 by Sehe, Halo Presence by Giraffe).

    Alpha #2

    • - Fixed errors in the Mods section.
    • - Fixed problems with the issues.
    • - New method of automatic launch, any key will cancel the launch.
    • - News system, based on Halo CE Workshop.
    • - Configure Mods by double clicking (currently available only with Halo Anticheat 2).

    Alpha #1

    • - Initial version.