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Tool GUI

Tool GUI is a tool created for map developers, designers and modders of Halo Custom Edition, it allows you to organize, create and eliminate projects based on the Halo Editing Kit. The objective of this program is to function as a project manager with various tools that allow the developer get efficient work by helping you to have different configurations, tools and directories in order right where you need them.



file_download Tool GUI v2.1.0 Alpha


  • Tool GUI

    v2.1.0 ALPHA

    • - Fixed command buffer (unstable).
    • - Now the Guerilla configuration is saved for each project.

    v2.0.2 ALPHA

    • - Fixed duplicated projects
    • - New dialogs and strings
    • - English support
    • - Tags / Data shortcut preview
    • - New configuration layout
    • - Updated project system
    • - Improved startup speed.