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User Interface Controller (CIU)

CIU / UIC (Controlador de interfaz de usuario / User Interface Controller) is an addon / plugin that can be added to Halo Custom Edition, its main function is to control the main menu of the game.

  • Some of the features that it adds are:
  • - A record of the HAC2 / Optic medals.
  • - Change the color of the game console, according to the user's preference.
  • - Choose the language with which we want to visualize the UI.
  • - Configure external aspects of the medal packages (Optic).



file_download CIU Setup v2.3 file_download Optic Pack v3.2 open_in_new Halo CEA UI


  • User Interface Controller (CIU)


    • - Fixed a problem that occurred when returning to the main menu after the connection to a server failed.
    • - The path of the "My Documents" folder is now taken by registration key (No more secure mode is required).
    • - Fixed problem loading console color settings.
    • - New system to configure CIU from the UI.
    • - Slight corrections / improvements for the engine (Indices of extended descriptions and dynamic shadows on objects).
    • - Customization for the level of detail of the UI (Disables high detail and heavy effects models).
    • - Now the mouse is locked in the game window (Avoid clicking on zones or background programs, useful in window mode).
    • - Added alpha channel to the colors of the console (It is not configurable by launcher).


    • - The Dll API has been changed (It helps to make it easier to inject the Dll).


    • - Added safe-mode for people with Halo CE and Windows in different drives.


    • - Improved event control for the UI.
    • - Improved medal writing system.
    • - Configuration path changed to: My Games/Halo CE/ciu
    • - Each profile of the game now has its own record of medals and statistics.
    • - Launching of predetermined web pages by means of UI buttons.
    • - System for language change keeping the same UI.map


    • - Added compatibility with other UIs (CIU can work with other UIs if they have the necessary resources, besides leaving a file with the data attached to be compatible -> UI.data).
    • - Fixed bug caused by not finding the configuration and / or data files.
    • - Redirecting UI data in UI.data.


    • - Release and test operation.
    • - Released interface to configure the options.

  • CIU Optic Pack


    • - General file optimization, was reduced by 4.76MB, achieving a final size of 3.93MB.
    • - Correction of some sounds that did not correspond to the language.
    • - Update of some images of medals.
    • - Weight reduction in sound files without losing quality.
    • - Weight reduction in image files without losing quality.


    • - Added safe mode for people who have Halo CE and Windows in different units.


    • - The medals now depend on CIU to register.
    • - New medals were added: Avenger, Dejected Bearer, Flag returned.


    • - Created configuration system for the medals. (Enable / Disable Impact Detector (hitmarker), messages on the HUD, impact message (hitmessage) and scale of the medals).
    • - Added score events, deaths. ("The enemy team has the flag", "Treason", etc.).
    • - Recreated / added bearer medal killed. (Experimental - Not available for registration).
    • - Recreated / added medal-returned flag event. (Only available as a medal in Halo 5).
    • - Improved recreation of the first hit medal. (Functional - Available for registration).
    • - Available with audio and text in English.


    • - Recreated / added first strike medal. (Experimental - Available for registration).
    • - Added murder medal. (When killing a player, not a murder as such).
    • - Created registration system for multiple medals. (Compatible with the medals of Halo 4, Halo 5, Halo 3 and Reach).
    • - Added hitmarker system.
    • - Formalized level of dB.


  • - At the moment HCEA UI is the only UI compatible with CIU from version v2.1 to the most recent.