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Halo CE AIO (All In One)

AIO is an unofficial installer of Halo Custom Edition, however it is the most complete "self-installable" that maintains an official installation of the game using an original CD-Key and allowing updating to its latest available version, besides installing addons created by the community to maximize the experience of Halo Custom Edition on PC.

Its name comes from the contraction of "All-In-One" (AIO) or in Spanish "Todo-En-Uno" (TEU).

  • Includes:
  • - Halo Custom Edition Setup (English) 1.00
  • - Official Updater of Halo Custom Edition 1.10
  • - Halo Custom Edition portable to installable converter.
  • - Addons: Chimera (build 49), Halo Anticheat 2 (Chaosvex version).
  • - Libraries Visual C ++ 2010 and DirectX9 (Necessary for the game).
  • - MSXML 4.0 (Installer needed to run the classic chat).



open_in_new Halo CE AIO v1.0.0.2


  • Halo CE AIO

    • - Updated version of Chimera (compilation 49).
    • - Some text strings were fixed.


    • - Some installation errors were fixed.
    • - AIO will be closed if the installation program was started (to avoid problems with file management).


    • - Error detected at the end of the installation.