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Halo Custom Edition Anniversary UI

"Halo: Custom Edition Anniversary UI" is a user interface project for Halo Custom Edition that seeks to replicate the style / aspect of its 2011 remastering for Xbox 360; besides implementing some new functions thanks to CIU (User Interface Controller, developed by: Sled) such as a registration for medals, the possibility of adjusting the level of detail and even the support to be able to have more than one language within the user interface itself.

The project was created and initially developed by JerryBrick, it is currently being developed in conjunction with the ShadowMods team.

  • Novelties:
  • - Compatibility with Chimera wide screen correction.
  • - Higher quality sounds.
  • - Improved shaders in the Halo ring.
  • - Improvements in the sky (sky).



file_download HCEA UI Setup v2.2 open_in_new CIU


  • Halo CEA UI


    • - Correction of dialogs.
    • - Added support for "Chimera Widescreen Fix".
    • - Added "flash" effect on the buttons of the main menu.
    • - The section of joining a server now loads the servers automatically.
    • - High quality thumbnails were added for the multiplayer maps.
    • - The sounds have been replaced with others of higher quality.
    • - Added configuration menu for CIU.
    • - Now CIU is not required for the UI to work properly.
    • - Correction of minor errors.
    • - Halo 3 and Halo Reach styles have been removed from the medals log.
    • - Now you can configure the level of detail with CIU.


    • - New shapers for anniversary and ring biped.
    • - New sounds for the UI.
    • - Script optimization.
    • - Fixed and improved some bitmaps and logos.


    • - It started from scratch with a new cleaner and more organized base.
    • - All menus in the UI were redesigned / improved.
    • - The characteristic of the statistics was added.
    • - A biped with animations was added to represent the colors in the change color menu.
    • - The model of the Halo ring was remastered.
    • - He changed the sky (sky).
    • - Added the multilanguage support feature for English and Spanish.


    • - Errors concerning the appearance of several bitmaps were solved.
    • - The error in the delete profile button was fixed.
    • - Problems and minor details.